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The Benefits Of Working With A Low Commission Agent

Buying a house is one of the best investments you can make. Buying a home is also very expensive and it is easy to spend more than you planned to and end up having problems trying to make your mortgage payments. If you want to save money on your home purchase, you might want to consider using a low commission agent. When you work with FindMyNest you actually get money back after the sale goes through. Read on to learn how a cashback real estate brokerage can put money in your pocket after the end of the sale.

FindMyNest offers the largest cashback and they even offer a guarantee. If you find anyone who offers a bigger cashback they will match it. The brokerage is fully licensed and they work just like a regular real estate brokerage service works. The only difference is that when you work with FindMyNest you get money back. You also have to stick with looking at eight properties. This is how they can offer you such a great deal.

Eight properties is still quite a lot and it just means that you will need to know just what you are looking for before you start having the broker show you homes. You can do the initial research yourself online and you can look at the different neighborhoods and narrow them down. You can also look at houses online so you know what you are interested in before you start to look at actual houses in person. If you can handle only looking at eight houses, working with a low commission agent can really save you a lot of money.

You will have eight different houses to look at and once you find the house you like they will handle all the negotiations so they can get you the best price. When the deal closes you get money back. They take a flat fee of 5,000 and whatever is left over is yours to keep. Having that money back after the end of the sale can really add up, especially if you buy a very expensive home.

You can use the money you get back for a ton of things and the money can really come in handy when you are ready to move in and find that you didn’t buy enough furniture or you need some extra things to make your house look better. You could also use the money to take a vacation or do lots of other things. You can get started by giving FindMyNest a call and they will explain the process to you.

Once you start working with them, they are going to send you lots of listings of houses that match your criteria and you can then go through all the listings and choose up to eight houses that you want them to show you. You can then choose the house that you want to buy. They handle all of the paperwork and you will get cash back at the end of the deal.